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A Primer For Tangling With Tango Courses

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The tango is a particular dance renowned for the sensual and passionate motion of the moves. It's been seen in countless movies for centuries and to this day is a favorite in the world of dance. Nevertheless, it is worth getting a quick background on the history of the tango before signing up for sessions as there are various dance one could take a look at based on style and preference.


It has been said that tango was developed in the brothels of Buenos Aires, which is partially true. In the 1850s, European immigrants to Argentina combined the waltz and the polka, putting an emphasis on the unique style of music from the Andalusia area of Spain into what was established as the tango.


Two dancers face each other when doing the tango, with the leaders right arm on the waist of the partner and grasping their right hand using their left. They have a choice going beyond that, they can follow the more defined style referred to as the American/International style or perform the more traditional Argentine style. The major difference between the two is that the former is built around improvisation and the latter features a stripped down set of very defined steps and positions.

While almost every other style of partner dance has a very precise set of steps that match up to the music, Argentine tango both welcomes and encourages the dancers to let their passion direct them. Needless to say there's no need to fear if you don't feel comfortable improvising with or in front of other people. Tango lessons will not only give you the know how to dance the standard steps, they'll also in time provide you with the tools you need to improvise. After you connect with someone and start to dance, what you have learned in dance class is very helpful as you are taught the moves, shown how to focus on the music and work with your partner.

The flair and the passion of the tango can be uncovered with the American/International style, enabling you to work under the more defined steps, patterns and poses until you and your partner feel like exploring and letting loose. Created more for the ballroom than the social dance floors of Argentina, it will in spite of this give you a strong grounding should you ever want to move on to tackling the more traditional style. With control, passion and lots of sensuality you can take to the dance floor and impress, feeling free as you move around in tune with your partner.

What You'll Need

If you're a person that already dances, then you're in good condition. On the other hand if this is your first lesson, you don't need to worry at all it is easy to pick up. You should have most everything that's essential, and if you don't the pieces are pretty simple to find.

Even though the first lesson may be a little perplexing and challenging, you will be on your way in no time at all. Don't forget to wear clothes that are comfortable and not constraining in any way so you can move adequately. For males a simple button down shirt and nice pants would be perfect and for women something loose and flowing would be great. As for shoes, you can either get a ballroom-specific pair or bring a pair you already have. The best choices will be those shoes made of suede or have leather soles.

Whether you're a ballroom professional looking for a few new moves or a newcomer to the dance world, tango lessons are an enjoyable and unique way to develop coordination, communication, and confidence all while giving yourself a fantastic workout to boot!

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