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Options To Choose From Regarding Dance Lessons

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Not only is dancing popular, it has been an enjoyable way for people to meet for decades, where a wide range of people still today like getting their groove on. More and more people of all ages are becoming interested in learning to dance with a huge viewer audience of popular shows on tv like Dancing With The Stars. Basically anyone can master the various styles of dance and the steps involved even though they wouldn't consider themselves in the standings of the professionals and celebrities twirling around the dance floor in sparkling costumes. In most areas throughout the US there are dance lessons out there and there are quite a few reasons you may want to consider registering for a class yourself.

Knowing how to dance opens up many possibilities for meeting new people. Dance clubs, cocktail lounges, special events, and DJ-sponsored gatherings are happening in most cities, and dancing is a good way to meet people. Whether you're single hoping to meet the right dance partner or part of a couple looking for an activity you both can enjoy, dancing may be the way to go. A good time can be had at these events because after a few dance lessons you have the confidence you need to get out on the dance floor and have fun. The lessons you enroll in will have people of all backgrounds engaging with one another learning the steps and dancing with one another.

Dancing for Strength and Stress Relief

Dancing is a fantastic opportunity for physical activity for some and for most it is a lot of fun. Exercise classes get boring, and walking just doesn't get the heart beating like dancing. Others begin this activity as an exciting means of losing weight or developing stamina. As far as its calorie burning potential, a 150 pound person burns up about 136 calories in an hour while slow dancing and 306 while doing a fast dance. That's much more fun than jogging on a treadmill!

If you would like to get on the road to fitness and better health, dance is an excellent solution. Dancing uses major muscle group you may not use daily, plus it focuses on balance and good posture making it an excellent total body workout. Dancing may improve coordination, fortify bones, and work the heart muscle. The brain could also benefit from increased mental function and memory activity. Some other added rewards could be increased self esteem and stress relief.

Learning to Dance

Dance courses are often offered on a private basis, in smaller groups, or at larger parties. Large events can be found at many ballroom studios so students can practice skills they are learning among friends and others they may have met in class. Typical dances would be the tango, foxtrot, salsa, cha-cha, swing, rhumba, in addition to the waltz. Disco-style, country style two-step, and line dancing could also be offered.

Music obviously is a part of this amazing experience. For slightly older folks, they may enjoy something slower paced that concentrates on the music of the 40s. Disco lovers can boogie to their favorite ‘70s tunes. The graceful Viennese waltz may be preferred for those who love more classical music. The tango is unquestionably one option, based on sensual moves and intimacy between the dance partners. For those with lots of energy and love for the ‘50s, swing would be the thing.

Perhaps a popular reason people enroll in dance lessons is to prepare for an approaching event such as a wedding or anniversary celebration. There are refresher courses too if you would like to brush up on the latest styles or have liked this activity in the past and would like to get back into it. There are often classes for 20-somethings and seniors, for same sex couples, as well as for children. Whatever the reason, from fitness to socializing, dancing is a wonderful activity. Learning to dance isn't just a means to this end, it can be a fulfilling enterprise in itself.

You'll have lots of fun taking dance lessons irrespective of how old you are. Visit to find out more info about Essentia Dance Studio.

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Why You Might Want To Enroll In A Swing Dance Class

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You most likely don't give much thought to taking swing dance lessons when contemplating improving your overall quality of life. There are several traditional ways to improve your health and happiness, but moving your body to the rhythm of music may be a novel idea. There are in reality numerous benefits to stepping out on the dance floor and out of your shell even if this isn't your thing and way out of your personal comfort zone.

Swing dance is an exceptional way to exercise, and it comes in many different forms. Lindy Hop, East and West Coast Swing and Boogie Woogie are some popular styles of swing. No matter what style you choose, you can count on it being a good workout session. Dancing is a great form of exercise since it increases your heart rate and uses muscles that aren't used normally on a day-to-day basis. You may struggle with getting your recommended weekly amount of cardiovascular activity, but you can easily achieve your fitness goals through swing. There's lots of opportunities for a partner to initiate flips and tricks, which can help to increase muscle tone. The body can be rid of harmful toxins when doing this type of activity as anyone can tell you, a real sweat is usually worked up. You will be taking part in a physical activity that gives you a variety of health benefits even though you may feel as if you are just arbitrarily moving your feet to the sound of the music.

Due to the fact swing is a partner style of dancing, you can also receive the added benefit of developing your social skills. By taking more private, one on one lessons, you can boost self confidence. Once you feel comfortable, you can start to use your skills so that you can meet new people. Swing is definitely a social activity, and people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy it. Parties or events can be organized geared toward people your own age to meet, mingle and dance. It may seem overwhelming to strike up a conversation with a stranger, however the nature of swing makes it casual and normal. Who wouldn't want to go into a social setting, with a lot of partners, enjoying the night with no future expectations of any sort of future interaction. This allows individuals to constantly meet new people in a relaxed and fun environment.

It makes for a fun way to enrich relationships with your dance partner because of the trusting nature of the dance moves. By taking lessons with your significant other, you are increasing the quality time you spend together. You are in addition learning how to work collectively and give and take during the routine. Besides being taught how to dance, this opens up the opportunity for more physical touch in the relationship joining others who prefer this dance style. You get to improve on your relationship, bringing about more love and better communications which is excellent.

There is no measure of perfection with regards to dancing which is an additional benefit to learning how to swing. Dancing is undoubtedly an art form, also it allows individuals to express themselves with total freedom. Swing is definitely well known for its ability to be individualized and expressive even though there are many types of dance to choose from. It's not necessary to stress over every little step being right or worry about dancing exactly the same way as the couple beside you and your partner. You can truly be yourself, and you only have to do the steps that suit your ability.

Being on the dance floor can help you enjoy yourself in new and refreshing ways. By registering for a swing dance lesson, you would be improving your health, perfecting social skills, building new relationships and decreasing stress levels which is a win win for everyone.

The ideal route to an exciting date night will be to start taking swing dance lessons in Greenville, SC. For additional info on Essentia Dance Studio, check out their web page at

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The Advantage Of Taking Wedding Dance Lessons

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A wedding is a special occasion many people dream about for decades before it takes place. There are many traditions that are associated with a wedding, and one that is perhaps most familiar to people in Western cultures is the first dance between a couple when they become husband and wife. This highlight is a eagerly anticipated event that puts all eyes on the happy couple. To prepare for it, many engaged couples decide to take wedding dance lessons. There are plenty of benefits to getting that training, and some of them go way beyond a couple's ceremony.

Encourage Teamwork

In good times and in bad, it really is not a secret couples have to work together. By learning to work well together to accomplish something, it is said the relationship can grow stronger. The joy that comes from learning something new together can strengthen the connection as they master the art of dance.

Build Confidence

Some individuals feel stressed on their wedding day, and that reality isn't usually improved by the thought of performing a choreographed routine in front of an extremely interested audience. Fortunately, instruction from professionals can ease nerves and help individuals understand they truly don't have two left feet as they could have initially thought. Wedding dance classes are part of their instructional offerings where a professional can show you how to move and several dances that can be done comfortably.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Almost every moment of planning a marriage from tying the knot to taking the dance floor can be planned appropriately especially in this age of smart phones and social networking. With that in mind, it's best if you make sure you're as well prepared as possible for the part of your wedding reception where you dance with your new significant other for the first time. It doesn't matter how many phones or cameras are aimed at you and your spouse during the event, an experienced instructor will give you all the information and clarifications necessary to confidently accomplish for each position and step.

Take Up a New Hobby

There's no reason why learning to dance has to just be something for your wedding ceremony. Maybe you and your significant other will love it so much that you end up taking regular classes for the next several years, or even the rest of your lives.

Think about how much can improve your life since it is a good form of exercise plus you are able to meet other people who enjoy dancing at the same time. Viewing each class as something you look forward to with great eagerness under the guidance of a trainer who has a passion for helping others excel makes for a great experience.

Inspire Your Friends

People have a tendency to admire those who step out of their comfort zones and do something new. Prior to your celebration, other guests or some of the wedding party may choose to join in on the fun by taking lessons with you. They might follow suit if they notice you were adventurous enough to take classes for the forthcoming event and they might be fascinated. Getting involved in something different might only require a little push in the right direction even the most outgoing member of your group of friends or family might need. Be the thing that motivates them to do something.

Now that you know various reasons why it's such a wise course of action to go to specialized sessions to be taught some moves before your nuptial routine, maybe you'll decide there has never been a better time to widen your horizons.

Taking wedding dance classes in Greenville, SC before the big event is a wonderful approach to spend time with your fiance. For more specifics on Essentia Dance Studio are readily available at the company's website,

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The Advantages Of Taking Ballroom Dance Lessons

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Before individuals were able to type, they wrote. Before they could write, they spoke. Before they could speak, people sang. Before all that - before sound and language and society - they danced. Through every country, every culture, and every civilization, dance has lasted the test of time - and that's not only because it's fun! It connects on a greater level, with proven social, psychological, and emotional benefits. With so many different forms of movement available, why is it that ballroom dancing courses are right for you?

Brain function might be one reason. Nimble feet it is stated allows you to waltz your way into a more nimbler mind the fact is. The unifying factor to them all is the distinct relationship any dancer can develop between the mind and body even though the term "ballroom" actually covers a variety of distinct dances including the cha cha, rumba, samba, mambo and the paso doble considered more Latin contributions and the traditional dances including the quickstep, foxtrot, jive, tango and the ever popular swing. Mastering the steps, building slowly from each and every movement until you're finally flowing along with your partner in time with the music, multi-tasking, problem solving, plus much more are all a part of the process, which means your brain is going to get the sort of workout that's been proven to improve both cognition and confidence - not to mention how it strengthens your memory!

For the reason that ballroom dancing lessons are good for the body and soul in more ways than one, there are rewards to taking ballroom dance lessons. Moving by itself raises the release of endorphins (the cool little chemicals in your brain that do the job of reducing pain and stress), and moving to music in a room full of people sweeping around with grins on their faces triggers that release on a whole other level. It isn't all about just the brain and the heart either - your bones and your body see lots of benefits, strengthened by the weight bearing and core support that are the undeniable positive side effects of every session and every dance.

Never fear about taking the dance floor and making a wrong move given that there are instructors available that can teach you what you need to know about the steps, movements and attitudes involving dancing. Ballroom is built around very distinct steps to specific melodies (or at least styles of songs), ones which you'll have plenty of time to become comfortable with. And best of all, you won't do it alone. A lot of joy is available when taking dancing lessons besides learning all the necessary steps to a distinct dance.

From the high school kid eager to learn a fancy way to impress that special someone to a handful of friends looking for a unique activity to share, from the newlywed couple seeking that special spice for their first dance to the 85-year-old grandmother who has moved all her life, ballroom dancing courses can be taken by anyone and everyone who wants to experience an extensive work-out package that does good by everything the heart, mind, and body need to stay in their greatest shape.

Life may not always be the ball you hoped for or expected but with hundreds of years of history, ballroom dancing is something that can be enjoyable and engaging not to mention healthy. Smile and register for ballroom dancing lesson, you will not likely regret. Therefore just dance!

Make a remarkable first dance with your spouse-to-be by signing up for ballroom dance lessons in Greenville, SC. For much more details on Essentia Dance Studio, visit them at their site,

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Waverly Community House dance instructor Jill Wetzel follows...

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<p>"“Jill started so I wouldn’t have to get a babysitter for her,” Santore said. “I wanted to do some other type of dancing. I was a single mom and I needed a social activity and I didn’t have enough money for a babysitter, too, so we all danced.”"</p>


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A Primer For Tangling With Tango Courses

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The tango is a particular dance renowned for the sensual and passionate motion of the moves. It's been seen in countless movies for centuries and to this day is a favorite in the world of dance. Nevertheless, it is worth getting a quick background on the history of the tango before signing up for sessions as there are various dance one could take a look at based on style and preference.


It has been said that tango was developed in the brothels of Buenos Aires, which is partially true. In the 1850s, European immigrants to Argentina combined the waltz and the polka, putting an emphasis on the unique style of music from the Andalusia area of Spain into what was established as the tango.


Two dancers face each other when doing the tango, with the leaders right arm on the waist of the partner and grasping their right hand using their left. They have a choice going beyond that, they can follow the more defined style referred to as the American/International style or perform the more traditional Argentine style. The major difference between the two is that the former is built around improvisation and the latter features a stripped down set of very defined steps and positions.

While almost every other style of partner dance has a very precise set of steps that match up to the music, Argentine tango both welcomes and encourages the dancers to let their passion direct them. Needless to say there's no need to fear if you don't feel comfortable improvising with or in front of other people. Tango lessons will not only give you the know how to dance the standard steps, they'll also in time provide you with the tools you need to improvise. After you connect with someone and start to dance, what you have learned in dance class is very helpful as you are taught the moves, shown how to focus on the music and work with your partner.

The flair and the passion of the tango can be uncovered with the American/International style, enabling you to work under the more defined steps, patterns and poses until you and your partner feel like exploring and letting loose. Created more for the ballroom than the social dance floors of Argentina, it will in spite of this give you a strong grounding should you ever want to move on to tackling the more traditional style. With control, passion and lots of sensuality you can take to the dance floor and impress, feeling free as you move around in tune with your partner.

What You'll Need

If you're a person that already dances, then you're in good condition. On the other hand if this is your first lesson, you don't need to worry at all it is easy to pick up. You should have most everything that's essential, and if you don't the pieces are pretty simple to find.

Even though the first lesson may be a little perplexing and challenging, you will be on your way in no time at all. Don't forget to wear clothes that are comfortable and not constraining in any way so you can move adequately. For males a simple button down shirt and nice pants would be perfect and for women something loose and flowing would be great. As for shoes, you can either get a ballroom-specific pair or bring a pair you already have. The best choices will be those shoes made of suede or have leather soles.

Whether you're a ballroom professional looking for a few new moves or a newcomer to the dance world, tango lessons are an enjoyable and unique way to develop coordination, communication, and confidence all while giving yourself a fantastic workout to boot!

Improve your social life by signing up for tango lessons through Essentia Dance Studio. Make sure you visit Essentia Dance Studio by going to their website which is

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